Emoji With Ukraine In Heart




Social Impact

Our patriotic attempt to integrate popular Ukrainian symbols into the digital lexicon. We crafted the set of emojis and submitted them to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.

The entire civilized world watches and supports Ukraine in its resistance against wild Russian aggression. Because the world knows that this war is for common human values. People are fascinated by Ukraine’s courage and have realized the fundamental impact of this war. This struggle has already changed history, and we believe that Ukrainian symbols should be enshrined in the global culture and its digital lexicon.

Emojis are essential to modern communication, representing ideas and emotions significant to humanity. So we created a set of emojis depicting the symbols of Ukrainian identity and submitted them to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, a Unicode department responsible for what gets to our chats.

For this campaign, we considered many symbols. But we stopped at the emojis with recognition, good performance, and potential to be used widely and frequently.

The people of Ukraine need cheering news more than ever. The news about the emojified symbols of traditional culture has caused quite a stir online. Central and regional channels wrote about it, people started creating memes, and we had fun imagining how cool it is to meet someone with “rushnyk” (a symbol of hospitality and well-being) in newly-created chat rooms in messengers.

This activity is our contribution to strengthening Ukraine’s heritage. The appearance of these emojis is a notable act of solidarity. And an opportunity to uncover Ukraine’s history, traditions, and symbols to the world.


Sasha Poliakov

Creative Direction & Production

Ian Zakharov


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