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Red Dot Design Award

Making a visually attractive, meaningful and time-driven visual identity for an international film festival in collaboration with a talented artist.

The Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist has been held for over half a century and has long been honored among the world’s film festivals. It is where the careers of both “young blood” and established filmmakers begin, continue, and receive awards.

During its 51st edition, the festival faced the threat of a full-scale war. However, the President’s Office supported the festival and preserved the entire program.

The festival aims to present itself anew every year, capturing the world’s ever-changing nature through its unique identity. When invited to become the festival’s design partner, we contacted Masha Dmitrowa, a designer with a notable portfolio and extensive CGI and 3D design expertise, to collaborate with us. Our goal was to capture the “spirit of the times” while maintaining the continuity of last year’s identity, as requested by the festival.

Our approach involved creating a visual solution, defining usage guidelines, and providing these assets to the festival’s team for adaptation across various media.

Rather than resorting to obvious imagery, which can inadvertently glamorize war and crisis, we devised a visual concept that sidesteps recognizable symbols while indirectly addressing the festival’s theme. Our solution consists of an abstract three-dimensional sculpture set against a background checkerboard, a technical representation of the alpha channel—symbolizing emptiness and the absence of background.

The pattern behind the sculpture serves as both a representation of absence and a blank canvas for any background. The abstract figure embodies cultural processes, interactions, and beauty that thrive amidst uncertainty.

This composition underscores the idea that regardless of the circumstances (a background), “Molodist” and culture will persist.

Masha created several modular components that were assembled for various mediums. With these assets, we developed multiple media formats showcasing the identity, templates, and visual system tailored for social media.

The background-centric approach also prioritizes functional restraint, allowing the festival’s content to shine and capture the audience’s attention.

Utilizing “Molodist” fonts and abstract shapes establishes a connection with the previous year’s identity, ensuring visual and conceptual continuity. However, continuity extends beyond the visual realm.
The concept of transforming the world, a common thread between both identities, not only fulfills the request for continuity but also imparts a meaningful sense of poetry and grandeur to the project.

This work exemplifies an understanding of reality, skillfully translating insights into visual representations and monumentality. It draws inspiration from a remarkable film festival that triumphed over challenging circumstances.

The project was recognized with a Red Dot Award in the Brand Design category, demonstrating the powerful use of symbolism and visual language.


Masha Dmitrova

CGI Art & Art Direction

Sashko Poliakov

Creative Direction & Production

Ira Avtukhova

Art Direction

Dasha Shvets

Graphic Design

Nana Garsevanishvili

Graphic Design

Oleksii Podat

Music Production

Liudmyla Khivrenko

Video Production

Liza Zui

Video Production

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