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Frank and meaningful campaign key visuals for the second edition of the Ukrainian LGBTQ+ Film Festival Sunny Bunny.

Last year, we collaborated with the first Ukrainian LGBTQ+ film festival to create its brand identity. The festival team has invited us back to design visuals for the second episode of the Sunny Bunny campaign.

Continuing our focus on themes of humanity and openness, we aimed to reflect the evolving trends in Ukrainian society. Independent research indicates growing support for anti-discrimination efforts toward the LGBTQ+ community, inspiring us to interpret this societal shift visually.

Our materials feature photographs of LGBTQ+ individuals chosen for their direct impact on representation and visibility.

Macrophotography of human bodies is an allegory that conveys inspiration and highlights the positive results of surveys on societal attitudes. These vibrant, textured, and somewhat intimate photos underscore the campaign’s central message: “Most are closer.”

We’ve added a serial number to emphasize the festival’s status as a sustainable and integral part of our culture. It’s more than just a film festival; it’s a cultural milestone we can all take pride in, with each person playing an important role.

This work embodies the aspiration for freedom in its various aspects. As the LGBTQ+ community becomes more open and expressive, statistics show that our once-conservative society has grown more tolerant. These photographs indicate this progress, not merely a trend but a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and accepting future.


Sashko Poliakov

Creative Direction

Dariia Shvets

Graphic Design

Maksym Tkachenko

Graphic Design

Ostap Hural

Graphic Design

Taras Fedorenko


Marichka Chuprynenko


Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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