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We initially planned to create a beauty treatment booking product and its brand, but instead, we developed a versatile booking product system that can be applied to various industries.

Oioni is an innovative beauty booking platform from Estonia, poised to revolutionize the beauty industry. The mission of our partnership was to transform how beauty salons, skilled professionals, and customers interact. By seamlessly integrating the needs of these three key stakeholders into one unified, user-friendly ecosystem, we are redefining the beauty booking landscape.

We created the application and design system for people interested in beauty services and service providers.

At Oioni, we prioritize a user-centric approach to deliver seamless experiences for all user segments. Our app simplifies the registration process for customers, ensuring a hassle-free start. Our user-friendly mobile interface allows customers to browse various services and choose their preferred specialists easily. We provide detailed information about salons and services, empowering customers to make well-informed decisions.

For merchants partnering with Oioni, there are significant benefits. They access an expanded customer base and an optimized workload management system, streamlining their daily operations.

Oioni goes beyond merely connecting customers and salons; we also cover beauty specialists’ workflow, ensuring optimal client and workload management. This comprehensive functionality benefits professionals and customers alike, enhancing the overall value of our product.

Oioni has reimagined the beauty booking landscape by harmonizing customers’ needs, beauty salons, and skilled professionals. Our user-centric approach, convenient registration process, personalized profiles, and visionary expansion possibilities have positioned Oioni as a transformative force in the beauty industry and beyond. Our commitment to streamlining operations, expanding opportunities, and enhancing user experiences makes us a standout platform in beauty booking.

Moreover, Oioni’s versatile design system can extend its benefits to various fields, including medicine and education, just as it has transformed beauty booking.


Dmytro Boychuk

Art Direction

Paul Navolochko

Art Direction

Dmytro Boychuk

Product Design

Paul Navolochko

Product Design

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