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Product design of a healthcare app that preserves your calmness and convenience at its core with a human-centered interface.

Our client approached us with a visionary idea: to design an app to revolutionize people’s access to medical care. They aimed to create a platform where users could seamlessly find doctors, view their schedules, and book appointments without the hassle of waiting in queues or making phone calls.

The target audience for product launch-version was clear: parents with children under 10 and individuals with chronic illnesses. Recognizing the challenges of traditional appointment booking systems, we embarked on a journey to transform the healthcare experience.

We conducted user interviews, crafting an MVP that catered to users’ immediate needs. The app focused on quick appointment booking and trust-building, addressing the uncovered pain points.

The app’s personalized home screen catered to individual users, keeping relevant information front and center. We adopted a “benefits first” approach to enhance the convenience factor. This allowed users to skip the initial registration process and book their first appointment effortlessly.

The custom illustrations were curated to infuse a sense of warmth and uniqueness into the app. The design effort spanned over 120 screens, ensuring consistency and an engaging user journey. Even the inclusion of voice search demonstrated our commitment to making the app user-friendly.

Our app didn’t just claim convenience–it embedded it in its core. By streamlining user flows and reducing taps, we prioritized health-related efficiency. This project showcases how design can transform essential services, setting new design patterns for user-centric eHealth solutions.


Dmytro Boychuk

Art Direction

Oleh Smieltsow

UI/UX Design

Yehor Petrenko

Project Management

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