Simple and direct Brand Design for wheel-of-fortune-alike project.

FortuneBox continues its long-term partnership with the team behind Gamdom, Duel, and other gambling projects, which we have worked on together.

The project’s mechanics are simple and reminiscent of a wheel of fortune: users can purchase access to themed boxes, try their luck, and win fabulous prizes.

We developed a playful brand system for FortuneBox that instantly communicates the project’s concept.

The project’s logo is simple and straightforward — an open box. These elements became the primary style elements of the identity, serving as a pattern and frame for various content.

A vibrant color palette visually distinguishes the different themed boxes. Animations play a crucial role in the identity, explaining the project’s mechanics at various touchpoints.

We created a functional identity with components that can be integrated into various media to effectively convey the project’s essence. It is simple and direct, like the FortuneBox’s core idea.


Sviatoslav Iablonskyi

Art Direction

Anatolii Todorov

Graphic Design

Ostap Hural

Graphic Design


Motion Design

Dariia Shvets

Motion Design

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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