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Crazy carnival-like visual style online casino’s brand and website

CrazyBet, an online casino with crypto acceptance, faced stiff competition in the industry. The casino offers various games from different providers, promotions, and slot battles between players.
The client wanted a new website from scratch, and we collaborated closely with the design team. We were tasked with conducting a detailed analysis of competitors, which included extensive research. There were multiple presentations, and the client was open to innovative ideas. The team also had to address the challenge of creating a unique identity for CrazyBet in a highly competitive market.

CrazyBet’s brand identity, inspired by vibrant graffiti, exudes excitement and fun. The logo’s fusion of two fonts perfectly balances entertainment and seriousness. This cohesive and recognizable identity sets CrazyBet apart, infusing the platform with a friendly and playful vibe. Players are transported to a thrilling, carnival-like world, making CrazyBet the go-to destination for an engaging online casino experience.

The friendly and fun tone, woven into every aspect of the website, ensured that even serious elements were approached with a lighthearted and enjoyable touch. The platform aimed to make players feel like they were stepping into a lively carnival, where they could escape reality and fully immerse themselves in the gaming world.

The visionary visual style not only set CrazyBet apart but also dictated the tone of the copywriting. It all makes even severe aspects of the casino feel approachable and enjoyable.

With a friendly and fun tone throughout the platform, players were invited to embrace the playful side of CrazyBet. The result was a vibrant platform that sparked curiosity, engagement, and a sense of belonging, making CrazyBet a delightful destination for online gaming enthusiasts.


Irina Avtukhova

Creative Direction

Ivanna Boychuk

Creative Direction

Kyrylo Pryadko

Brand Strategy

Anatoliy Todorov

Graphic Design

Vita Martsishauskaite

Web Design

Yelizaveta Kashchynets

Web Design

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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