Bucha School


Brand, Website


Education, Social Impact

Brand and Website Design for a project that could revolutionize social life in Kyiv’s suburbs.

Bucha School is an ambitious crowdfunding project with a clear mission: to construct a new school in the de-occupied suburbs of Kyiv, following European standards. Initiated by the Lithuanian architectural studio, the project has garnered support from partners across various sectors.

We were engaged as design partners, responsible for developing the project’s identity, marketing templates, videos, and website.

We balanced seriousness and playfulness, as the project simultaneously addresses an adult audience and speaks to the future – children.

To create a sense of unity with the city, we incorporated the colors of the Bucha flag into the identity, using them as accents throughout the design.

The CTAs are prominently displayed with accent colors and large sizes, while style-forming elements, like tracing paper from children’s drawings, add a touch of whimsy.

The design features various tonalities, adding authenticity and depth. The website employs conventional techniques, such as providing concise information, and unconventional approaches, like an artistic video, to convey the project’s essence.

The project’s transparency and credibility are critical to its success, fostering trust and support among its audience. As contributions steadily accumulate, the day will come when the necessary funds are raised. And Bucha will welcome a new, modern school, which can become an example for the educational infrastructure of Ukraine.


Iryna Avtukhova

Art Direction

Maksym Tishchenko

Art Direction

Andrij Kurochkin

Graphic Design

Dariia Shvets

Graphic Design

Ostap Hural

Graphic Design

Kyrylo Pryadko

Brand Strategy

Stepan Kulyna

Video Production

Borys Yergiyev

Project Management

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