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Revamping the brand and website of the Ukrainian School of Political Studies to communicate its values better and attract future leaders in Ukraine’s democratic movement.

USPS (Ukrainian School of Political Studies) educates and unites leaders who can change society. It is a Ukrainian educational project created to improve political culture and democracy. Their standards and values were not readable due to their outdated brand and website, so it was time to update them.

As design partners, our task was to modernize the school’s brand and website. To manifest their standards —values, integration, and community—through the visual style to become more transparent for students and partners.

The USPS had a beloved logo, well-known for conveying their pro-Ukrainianism and commitment to democratic traditions. The new logo maintained geometric continuity while reinterpreting the traditional ornament with a coded commitment to Ukraine’s cultural heritage. The color scheme was kept intact, with deeper shades and an accent color for printed materials and the website.

The website had to become the primary embodiment of the updated identity but retain its structure. The modernization was only possible by rethinking the site map and content presentation, so we suggested changing it. Materials were categorized and presented logically, focusing on the school’s values, the impact of projects, and what the school offers young politicians to improve the country.

The school’s high standards were emphasized to attract like-minded individuals, starting from the first screen.

Despite the seriousness of the segment, where organizations are usually visually restrained, we found solutions that appropriately emphasize the school’s uniqueness.

The new design resonated with the USPS team because they believe it effectively communicates values and attitudes, as evidenced by the fact that the identity is alive and well on their physical and digital materials.

Together, through our partnership and vision, USPS is empowering and igniting talent, fostering a new generation committed to breaking free from undemocratic traditions.


Irina Avtukhova

Art Direction

Vadym Abramov

Graphic Design

Nazar Morhun

Graphic Design

Yelizaveta Kashchynets

Web Design

Vita Martsishauskaite

Web Design

Dariia Shvets

Web Design

Alina Petryk

Web Design

Ira Tokarchuk

Project Management

Borys Yergiyev

Project Management

Yulia Hnatkova

Project Management

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