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Principles and Credibility: Redesign of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives.

The Agency for Legislative Initiatives (ALI) is a Ukrainian think tank that directly influences the country’s reform efforts, strengthens democratic institutions, and fosters civil society.

In conjunction with the Ukrainian School of Political Studies, which is also an initiative of this team, ALI has redefined its brand and online presence.

We aimed to preserve the trust accumulated over the years and make it more accessible to a broad audience and political experts.

ALI’s strength lies in its ability to effectively process a large amount of information to provide society with quality analytical materials and educational value.

We found commonalities between the Laboratory and the Pythagorean School of Thought approaches. We proposed to make the sigma their symbol—a mathematical symbol for summation, which in ALI’s context reflects the ability to process complex data and draw informed conclusions. This play of contrasts continues the Pythagorean idea of working with opposites for comprehension and objectivity. At the same time, the fundamentality of the school is associated with simple geometric shapes used in material design.

The main product of ALI’s activity is articles. We analyzed the types of content to create a transparent organizational and visual representation system: formatting rules, identity for sections, and convenient navigation. Uncategorized materials in the feed are visually divided through collages, photographs, patterns based on the logo, and simple geometric shapes.

All articles have a convenient navigation window, an audio version, and links to additional materials—all to simplify and enhance the research.

Honesty, thoughtfulness, and responsibility—design has given these values of the Agency a clear and recognizable form.
ALI works to improve people’s lives through education and highlighting important issues. This care is reflected in the website’s user experience, with navigation that prevents users from getting lost in the feed and within voluminous materials and a system of hints that expands the context for readers.

The light yet substantive style matches the team’s ambitious goals, underscores its relevance to the professional political environment, and makes them more understandable; the visual system we proposed is easy to use and maintain—it is simple, organic for different materials, and covers all of ALI’s activities.


Iryna Avtukhova

Art Direction

Anatolii Todorov

Graphic Design

Vita Martsishauskaite

Web Design

Dariia Shvets

Design Support

Vladyslav Tyden

Motion Design

Borys Yergiyev

Project Management

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