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CSS Design Awards

Brand and website design for the esteemed investment fund.

Helix is a British fund that invests in public and private projects in various markets. It was a mature company that needed a modern brand identity and corporate website.

The Foundation had almost no brand identity besides a logo, and its website needed to be updated.

Our partnership aims to create a unique and flexible brand that distinguishes Helix and creates an image of reliable and open-minded partners. As well as a company website that can further convey Helix’s values.

The Foundation works with a variety of people and industries around the world. Together with the team, we came to a shared vision of their style: severe but not obsessively classic, modern, and old-fashioned at the same time.

The new identity combines restraint and riskiness. Stability and timelessness that is understandable to everyone in the world.

For the brand assets, we applied a creative code. We created an environment where new, consistent elements can be made for different company media. The team can create variations of its symbol, DNA helix, in the environment we created.

The website radiates Helix’s image; it is a pitch deck that tells about the company and gives you a sense of its vibe.

The simultaneous modernity and vintage Helix sought are also represented through familiar symbols and associations: the presentation and layout of the primary texts on the site resemble a document; the tabs resemble bookmarks in paper archives.

The moving figure on the site symbolizes a continuous process corresponding to Helix’s perseverance.

The project’s uniqueness is in the combination of seriousness and experimentation with approaches, which makes Helix’s visual style recognizable, understandable to their entrepreneurial international audience, and flexible.

The visual style of the whole project is about the balance of seriousness and openness to the new, between the sustainable and the risky.

This modern vintage rhymes well with the company’s vision and self-perception. Together with Helix, we have shown that the style of severe investment funds can be both restrained and experimental.


Sviatoslav Iablonskyi

Art Direction

Anatoliy Todorov

Graphic Design


Creative Coding

Vita Martsishauskaite

Web Design

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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