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Redesigning the retro-bus collection website with a modern, museum-like web experience that will captivate and engage not only bus enthusiasts.

Hexagon’s continued partnership with Lux Express, a leading name in Estonia’s bus transportation market, brought another exciting project—redesigning their retro-bus collection website, Our mission was to infuse a sense of museum spirit and timelessness while delivering an immersive user experience.

The challenge was highlighting bus brands and names on the first screen, inviting retro-bus enthusiasts into a remarkable journey. We crafted a seamless slider with a fade-in/fade-out effect, providing a mesmerizing experience while effortlessly navigating through the collection.

To further enhance user-friendliness, we introduced a pop-up with the bus list, easily accessible in two clicks. We implemented an autoplay feature for an engaging reading experience, smoothly transitioning between pages as users explored histories and unique details. The last solution was proper for increasing the time spent on the website on the part of users.

Creating captivating content was crucial. Collaborating with the Timeless team and taking actual photographs of buses led to outstanding product presentations, sometimes even mistaken for 3D renderings.

Using HTML5, SASS, and CSS3, our front-end developers brought 15 unique pages with flexible templates to life. Leveraging JavaScript and Jquery, we incorporated enchanting animations and elements responsive to user behavior.

Multiple sliders, each with its unique sliding effect, adorned the main page. CSS3’s animations/transitions added dynamism during the loading process and element appearances.

Thanks to our efforts and dedication to excellence, received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Webby Award and ADC. We take immense pride in our collaboration with Lux Express and our work’s recognition.


Dmytro Boychuk

Art Direction

Ivanna Boychuk

Web Design

Anastasiya Tretyak

UI/UX Design

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