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An interactive website designed to showcase the company’s expertise in nurturing startups and its fresh brand identity with subtle symbolism.

Riddec is a team of developers from Estonia who are driven to solve complex technical problems for various types of businesses. Their persistent passion results in growth, expansion of services and teams, new projects in the portfolio, and improvement of the company’s vision.

These changes required a new, more meaningful, functional representation in physics and digital. Therefore, we started rebranding and redesigning the website for Riddec. The new identity had to focus on Riddec’s technology; the website had to open the company to potential business clients and play a role in recruiting new team members.

The new identity represents the company’s positioning as a “solutions company” with a strong emphasis on technicality. Riddec’s logo and visual style reflect this direct and logical approach. We also incorporated a generative pattern and ASCII language trick as style elements, reinforcing the company’s “strong tech solutions” image.

The website design caters to both the B2B sector and potential employees. For business owners seeking solutions, we prioritized a pragmatic approach with specific information and straightforward navigation. For potential employees interested in the company’s values, we provided an interactive introduction through a “code window” and encoded words in ASCII, appealing to like-minded professionals.

Our design ensures visitors’ unique and caring experience, aligning with Riddec’s goals and character.

The work on Riddec is about a set of flexible and, at the same time, stable solutions that appeared in close partnership with the client’s team. We were free, and the client was open to supporting our vision with their expertise.

We helped the company demonstrate its values of technology, long-term relationships with IT specialists, clarity, and the ability to find a language with people from different fields.

Rebranding and redesigning the Riddec website is about balancing functionality and transferring values to visual communication and UX.


Irina Avtukhova

Art Direction

Semen Mokrov

Graphic Design

Semen Mokrov

Creative Coding

Yelizaveta Kashchynets

Web Design

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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