Design of a logo family, brand assets, and promotional materials for a multidisciplinary event featuring an indie-film program that aims to revitalize a struggling culture cluster.

Despite its historical significance and strong potential to be a hub for the cultural community, the Kyiv Cinema House has faced challenging times. Yet, the spirit of enthusiasts around it is unwavering — they aim to revitalize it into a thriving cultural space once again.
Cosmos Tabir, the cultural cluster, responded by organizing the festival “Naibudekino.” This festival showcases how a Cinema House can flourish and provides a platform for creative networking and idea exchange.

With our expertise, we’re proud to support these cultural initiatives. We undertook the task of crafting a visual style for it.

Our challenge was to design a versatile logo that could seamlessly adapt to diverse media: posters, stickers, digital platforms, and festival control bracelets.

The festival logo embodies its essence through symbolic images — a lens ring and a projection on a big screen. These elements represent cinema tools that mediate between the audience and the world of movies. This aligns with the festival’s role as a mediator between film enthusiasts and the cinematic experience.

The accent typeface exudes a sense of seriousness fitting for an institution, yet its intricate details hint at the multitude of functions and creative potential.

The festival “Naibudekino” is a multidimensional project and a pioneering example. It demonstrates the power of communities in action and provides a blueprint for the revival of the Cinema House.
Our crafted identity is a stepping stone toward nurturing the cultural landscape and potentially relaunching the Cinema House. This element empowers enthusiasts to rewrite the House’s history, propelling it to become an influential and inspiring space again. We hope that nothing obstructs this journey.


Ivanna Boychuk

Creative Direction

Vadym Abramov

Graphic Design

Sashko Poliakov

Project Management

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