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An interactive website designed to showcase the company’s expertise in nurturing startups and its fresh brand identity with subtle symbolism.

MML Ventures, a company actively seeking startup funding opportunities, understands the importance of creating a unique brand image and a compelling online presence.

Our collaboration with MML Ventures focused on developing its brand identity and creating an interactive and visually captivating website highlighting the company’s expertise and strong client relationships.

We’ve made a brand system that sets MML Ventures apart from its competitors and communicates its mission. The system includes a logo, colors, fonts, and guidelines that ensure consistency and uniqueness. It’s extensive and adaptable, making it suitable for various mediums.

The company specializes in investments and offers new opportunities to startups. So, we incorporated the idea of ascent and changes by using a graphically reimagined staircase in the logo. It represents the open and illuminated path to new opportunities that the company offers to startups.

Graphic elements stemming from the logo and rhyming with it are applied to various touchpoints. The typography is a minimalist sans-serif font that serves informational purposes and delivers messages directly.

The website is an interactive introduction to the company. It reveals the potential of the brand system and provides a comprehensive understanding of MML’s competencies.

Each section of the main page tells its own story. A significant portion is dedicated to client trust and experience. For example, the first screen is a quick interactive portfolio that showcases the companies MML Ventures has already supported, leading to the complete MML portfolio. The website is client-centric, as the investment company’s success is a testament to the success of the companies they invest in.

The website incorporates various elements from the brand system. For instance, the staircase concept is manifested in the blog section as a micro-interaction. Different variations of the logo adorn the blocks. We aimed for diversity and visually cohesive uniformity.

The company’s website and identity are viewed as a cohesive entity. MML Ventures utilizes a visual language to convey its messages, which aids in developing the company’s character and distinguishing it in the investment market.

The work on MML Ventures has shown that it is possible to depart from straightforward solutions for corporate style and utilize symbols that speak between the lines.

In addition to the portfolio and competency descriptions on the website, there can also be light and interactive sections without symbolism and purpose. However, it showcases the technological and modern aspects of the company.

The style we created for MML Ventures exemplifies how diversity can be uniform. It represents the fusion of subtle symbolism with unexpected features that, although not explicitly stated, elicit beneficial feelings from the audience’s interaction with the company.


Ira Avtukhova

Art Direction

Vita Martsishauskaite

Web Design

Anatolii Todorov

Graphic Design

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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