Kyiv Cannabis Club





Nature-inspired website for a Cannabis Club with Ukrainian roots.

Germany has become the third country in Europe to decriminalize recreational cannabis. On April 1st, thousands of people lit up their joints near the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate this event.

The legislation will legalize cannabis clubs. In one such club of Ukrainian origin, the Kyiv Cannabis Club (KCC), members will have access to high-quality, modern strains tested in laboratory conditions.

We created a KCC website highlighting membership benefits for those who appreciate good strains grown without synthetic regulators in particular conditions.

We designed a structurally simple website with brutalist design elements, addressing two issues: building trust and collecting membership applications. We created a straightforward path to club membership for all users and told the story of the club’s founders, who have advocated for drug policy reforms in Ukraine for almost two decades.

The visual identity, created by the 2ka studio, reflects the site’s theme: green “natural” colors and “botanical” logos and symbols; bold, striking typography conveys the spirit of street culture, where communication happens through posters and graffiti.

“It’s about cannabis culture and quality things” is the fundamental sentiment embedded in this website.


Maksym Tishchenko

Art Direction

2ka Studio

Brand Design

Yurkiv Taisiia

Web Design

Borys Yergiyev

Project Management

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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