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Design of the esports team’s website, filled with the adrenaline of the gaming universe

Welcome to Alliance, a renowned Swedish esports organization known for its competitive edge across popular video games. Since its inception, Alliance has soared to greatness, claiming the prestigious Aegis of Champions during The International 2013 under the leadership of Jonathan “Loda” Berg.

Now, with a fresh vision and partnership with us, Alliance is geared up for an exhilarating digital transformation by redesigning the team’s website. The challenge was clear: transition from the conventional corporate website to a platform that resonates with the heart of gaming.

In collaboration with Alliance, we embarked on a journey to create a website that screams, “It’s all about games!” Drawing inspiration from the adrenaline-pumping world of cybersport, we devised a unique design language that brings gaming aesthetics to life.

With dark contrasts, stylish neon lights, captivating animations, and voluminous elements, the new Alliance website is a spectacle. By infusing the essence of the gaming industry while staying true to Alliance’s identity, we have crafted an immersive platform that speaks the language of gamers.

A core aspect of the redesign was celebrating the fans—the lifeblood of any esports organization. The website now features a dedicated section showcasing exclusive merchandise, empowering fans to show their unwavering support online and offline with revamped 3D models of Alliance merch items.

Our approach was centered around the players—the true champions of the gaming arena. We spotlight their achievements, stories, personalities, and teams, creating a player-centered space that resonates with fans and the gaming community.

The Alliance website now stands as a testament to the values shared by the gaming community—passion, dedication, and boundless excitement.

We have strengthened Alliance’s bond with its fans, creating a vibrant community of allies who share a love for gaming. Putting the players at the forefront and celebrating their unique identities makes them closer to the community while revealing their openness.

At Hexagon, we take immense pride in collaborating with clients like Alliance, who aspire to change and shape industries for users worldwide.


Dmytro Boychuk

Art Direction

Vadym Abramov

Graphic Design

Andrij Kurochkin

Web Design

Yehor Petrenko

Project Management

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