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Allegorical and vivid graphics for the well-established film festival’s campaign.

Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist updates its visual style yearly to reflect the “spirit of the times.” Last year’s visual style of the 51st festival, which we created with the artist Masha Dmitrova, manifested the power of creativity that overcomes circumstances.

We continued to work with the “spirit of the times” at the 52nd “Molodist”. Fatigue and Ukraine skepticism are growing worldwide, supported by the technologies of creating deception.

The visual style of this year’s festival is an allegory to the destruction of these motives.

A green screen — a means of manipulating reality — is torn before our eyes, and our space is filled with light. Through this image, we say we are strong enough to damage the technologies of distorting reality and shed light on objectivity.

The visual solution also reflects another mission of the festival — to showcase young auteur cinema, where creativity is not limited to special effects.

With the artist Vova Alyanov, we have invented multifaceted images that speak of the global and emphasize the power of “Molodist”.


Sashko Poliakov

Creative Direction

Vova Alyanov

3D Art

Vita Martsishauskaite

Graphic Design

Yelizaveta Kashchynets

Graphic Design

Sashko Poliakov

Project Management

Yuliia Hnatkova

Project Management

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