Win-win-win redesign process of Foxtrot




Retail, E-commerce

Close collaboration with the team of the largest Ukraine’s retail chain and redesign of their e-commerce platform

Back in 2020, Foxtrot ranked as the sixth top retail chain in Ukraine and boasted an impressive 5 million monthly views on its online store, managing a vast 200,000 sq.m. of retail space. They wanted a complete overhaul of their online store’s design, interface, and functionality.

Our collaboration with Foxtrot’s top team was a big success, resulting in significant cost savings, avoiding missed opportunities, and successfully launching the upgraded e-commerce project on time.

Regarding e-commerce, striking the right balance between customer needs and business interests is key. We achieved this by keeping communication open with all departments, setting clear progress-tracking KPIs, and aligning goals with the CEO.

The project started with in-depth user experience audits, followed by user tests that helped us understand the customers’ needs and how they interacted with the online store. Armed with this knowledge, we designed the main page to showcase top products and made navigation a breeze with a smart search feature.

We used successful products as references when creating the prototype to speed things up and keep costs down. This approach fueled productive discussions and accelerated the project.

We ensured the site was thoroughly tested on different browsers and devices, with actual content filling the layout. The result? A functional design and code that the Foxtrot team could almost seamlessly integrate without our constant assistance.

After a 4.5-month journey, we delivered a tested layout that perfectly aligned with Foxtrot’s internal processes. The project’s success resulted from effective teamwork, clear strategies, and a focus on creating a user-friendly online store. Post-launch, the emphasis shifted to analytics, user experience, and conversion, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to product improvement.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Hexagon and Foxtrot proves how effective teamwork, clear strategies, and a user-centric design approach can achieve remarkable results in the e-commerce sector.


Dmytro Boychuk

Art Direction

Oleh Smieltsow

UI/UX Design

Andrij Kurochkin

UI/UX Design

Andrij Kurochkin

Web Design

Veronika Chaban

Growth Design

Alex Kravchuk

Project Management

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